Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here's a little interview of Myself, by Myself...I know, I'm a geek.
Q: Who Photographs the Photographer?
A: Self-Timer
Q: Do I recommend it?
A: Yes, and No
Q: What do you mean?
A: It's ALWAYS a good idea to document your life with your love ones. If you're out and about, find a trashcan, a newspaper stand, a ledge and set the camera on it, set the self-timer, and squeeze everyone in the shot. Strike a pose! BUT, for that "GREAT WORK OF ART" picture that you want to blow up big for the fireplace, or canvas to hang on a accent wall of your home...those are better left to a professional.
On Tuesday, I got spontaneous and though "We need a new picture of us!". I often regret not having the cool pictures for my family that I do for my clients' families. So, I was determined to try it myself....hummm, not as easy as it sounds. Even with lightning quick tiger moves of setting the self-timer and jumping in the shot myself, I couldn't really pay attention to what everyone else was doing. Thus, my son looks constipated in many of the shots.
But, we did get some cute Candids when I forgot the camera was on self-timer as I was messing with the camera.
...And my trusty husband always models so gracefully. :)
Opps! Did I forget to warn you I was about to blind you, honey?
After a while, I sort of gave up trying to get something I knew I really couldn't being in front of the camera...and we just made silly faces.
Even though, I didn't get the results I taught me something. GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT!

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kkoehn said...

Next time we are together... you set everything up and I will hold the camera for you and click the botton. I think I can do that much! I love the pictures though. It is nice to see your family in the pictures. I see all the Hawaii shirts and wish you were going with us.