Friday, July 11, 2008

Monday was my first time swimming this summer! Usually, I annoy all my friends and family by attacking them immediately with sunscreen...but on this particular day, I coated my kids but neglected my husband and myself. Consequently, we both got red as radishes. OUCH! I thought about including a picture of my husband's majorly peeling back, but thought I would spare everyone the horror. :) This was (what my sister and I call) a "Pointy-Toe Day". When we have one of those happy, everything going great days...we call them "Pointy-Toe Days".
This is basically what my daughter did the whole time.

My son finally has grown the courage to try swimming under water. I'm so proud of him.
Usually the kids wear the parents, it was the opposite.
Here's us adults soaking up the rays.
I love summer time!

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