Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sooo... the saying "If you fail, try try again!" is stuck in my head from my last unsuccessful attempt to get my own family portraits done. I may never be able to give myself when I give my clients with self-timer I called my good friend, and talented photographer, Debbie, to help capture some good ones. I'm so glad she could help.
I thought this construction site would make for some awesome scenery...and as these black big thingies made great backgrounds, however we didn't know it until after this shot, but they were covered in tar and ruined my cute yellow shirt. aaawww!

This is what Matt and the kiddos did in between shots. Don't they look so excited for pictures?!
Here's a dirty feet shot...playing at a construction site pretty much guarantees that you won't be clean when you leave.
Thanks again Debbie! You're my hero!

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