Monday, October 27, 2008

I've been photographing Elizabeth & Justin for about 5 years and it's been surreal to watch them evolve and relationship grow over the years.  It reminds me so much of my beginning years with my own husband.  The day has finally come that they seal the deal...and it was a perfect day.

Started off with a breakfast of champions...
...and a happy bride, hanging out with all her girls.
And a diamond is thought it was fitting to have a timeless creature display the bling.
Here was a tiny hiccup of the day...some of the boys didn't get black socks in their tux bag.  

First time Justin got to see his beautiful bride that day.  
Elizabeth being entertained by her gals.
It's not if you win or's how you play the game.
How perfect is this pic?!  Elizabeth and most of her friends were cheerleaders all through school...and Justin in his friends were on the football team.  They got their own team going on.

This was hysterical in the making.
Poor buddy.....literally. hehehe
I think this has got to be one of my largest attended weddings yet.  This is only a picture of the sanctuary, there was a whole room off to the side of more guests...and when we pulled up to the reception, the parking lot was overloaded.  
I had to put this one in.  During the ceremony they had a slideshow of some of their pictures together from over the years.  I think most of them were taken by me....ME!!!!!   YIPPIE!  Although, it makes me blush a little to look back at some of my work from years and years ago...because...well...let's face it, I've gotten better.  Between technology changing, software upgrades, and ...ummmm...gained's nice that Elizabeth had such a long engagement...because now she has me at my best.  WAHOOO!

This is the look of "OOPS!"...Elizabeth went a little crazy with the limo buttons.  At one point the limo driver unexpectedly pulled over and came back to ask what we needed.  Apparently she pushed the "service" button.

Several good dancers at this are two featured ones.
This guy can bust a move!

The lovely Stony Point Hall.  This is my 3rd or 4th time to photograph out there and it has become even more popular since the last time out.  I've heard from the grapevine that they only have 2 weekends in 2009 left available and are almost half booked up for 2010.  WOW!  Saturday was their 1 year anniversary of being in business.  Congrats to them! know I love you.  I'm so glad you and Justin had such a great day.  You really deserved it!  I wish you both a long and happy life together.

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Friday night I had the pleasure of joining Elizabeth and Justin at their rehearsal and dinner.  Everything went smoothly, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was something out of a movie.  It was a relaxing night...weird, huh?  Aren't rehearsals supposed to be when all the threads come unraveled? 

This is DeeAnn & David, owners of Coffee Talk...the lovely place the dinner was held at.  I don't think there is a more perfect place to have a dinner party at...and it was certainly the best I've attended.  Oh, and Saturday was their anniversary (5 year if I remember right)...SO BIG CONGRATS to them!
And after dinner was all done...Elizabeth, Karen, Matt, and I stuck around town and decided to have some camera fun.  

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This was my first time meeting and photographing Amy, Jerry Jr., and Jerry III (aka: Trey).  Trey is 5 months old and is such a ladies-man already.  WHAT A HANDSOME little guy!

Is this picture not the very definition of ADORABLE!

We had our session at Heritage Park in Olathe, and a few months ago you would have been able to see a big barn in the background of this particular picture.  What happened?  I was so caught up talking with Amy while they were following me over to the barn/island to take pictures, when I looked up and saw that there was no barn anymore.  Huh.  I swear I was just out there a month or so ago and it was there.  I'm gonna miss that old thing.

So add a little character flavor to the session, we decided to incorporate some football gear.  Jerry (Dad) is a football coach (duh...he looks like a football guy).
And what's a baby session without a few naked baby shots?!  We did these pretty quick was starting to get a little breezy.
Trey is such a happy, big-grinned makes me want another one.  Ahhh...nope.  I just can't do the pregnancy thing again.  I'll wait very patiently until I can be a super-cool aunt. reading this?  (hint*hint)

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Jayne...and Cecil... two of those most perfectly paired people I've seen yet.  I absolutely fell in love with the both of them when I met them a few months ago at the consultation.  They are the kind of people that if you only met once, you'd remember them forever.  
They are WAY too fun...and don't mind a little risk involved in getting a picture.  :)
And I must give mention to their cute, furry friends...

Cecil cracks me up... we did this to poke fun at the fact he showed up to the session with his fly undone.  :)
Rivals living in the same house.

Major skills involved with this one.

This is one of their many character shots.  Cecil is a water-lover and his thing is scuba-diving.  

hey now...not in front of the kids!... :)

This session was so carefree and uplifting...exactly why I love my job and why I want to be a photographer.  I am super anxious for their wedding now!

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