Friday, April 25, 2008

On Tuesday I found out that my printing lab technician had emailed me twice (confirmed correct email address) and I never receive those emails.
Today I had a client tell me she emailed me last night...and I never received that email as well. My internet modem has been acting a little flaky for the past few weeks, and today it went out completely (people who know me well know that is a very big thing...I'm a web junkie). I found out from my internet provider that my whole area was down for maintenance and upgrades.
I haven't a clue if this has anything to do with emails not received, but I'm trying to monitor as best I can. If you have emailed me recently without a response, please retry or give me a call. I am very sorry for the inconvenience...I'm at the mercy of my modem and provider. I'm hoping things are restored.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I thought this was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL so I had to share...I was telling my friend Debbie how, in Dallas, I learned how to distort and enhance people in their know, a little double-chin removal here, a little belly reducer just a little bit ago she sent me her creative enhancement of me.

To which I laughed so hard I'm sure she could here me from where she lived.

But then I thought...I need to get her back.

So here is my creative enhancement of her.

I have been soooo busy and stressed, that this is exactly what I needed today. Thanks Debbie!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is Elizabeth and Justin, looking HOT! These two have been together forever, and they are tying the knot this fall. These were some of the awesome pictures from our session, and are intended for the invites.

She has the perfect hair for black &'s got the Shakira touch to it. Damn I miss my long hair. :(
What you can't see in the pictures is where my foot took a nice soggy dip into the pond when I was trying to set them up. Call me Grace.
We had ideal gusts of wind (for that model hair flow), lovely weather, great lighting, and that some yummy shots...what a beautiful day!

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Meet the Ladies In Red! These four sisters had me take their portraits today so they could give their parents some special "Mother's Day" & "Father's Day" gifts. Let me just say, they are characters...each and every one. Growing up in their house must given them a ton of memories.
They crack me up.
I brought some of my festive paper umbrellas for a little extra touch of color. I LOVE THOSE THINGS!
I told them to hide behind the umbrellas and give me some body language with their legs. OOOO, La La!

They all have such great sense of humors...I love their laughs.
I know these girls were a little disappointed we didn't take pictures inside the shuttle-cocks (hehehe, that was for you Debbie)...but we got some great shots that their parents will love.
Paper, Rock, or are all winner, winner chicken dinners to me. :)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sallee Photography (JB & DeEtte) are the ROCKSTARS of Photography...and I went and spent two whole days with them. I went there in search of some answers to my most difficult can I become a better artist (not just a photographer)? how can my workflow be more efficient without sacrificing my family & friends? how can I be a better business woman? what are the secrets of Photoshop?
They answered all my questions and more. They were extremely accommodating and generous to everyone. Truly the inspiration I needed to keep going and get some fresh new ideas that my clients are going to LOVE.
The first day was our photography day...they rented a bus, supplied an AWESOME newly-wed couple, and we went to several hot spots and shot like crazy. Unfortunately for me, with the new battery restrictions on flights...I only had one camera battery and didn't realize it was almost dead when I arrived for the day. So...I stayed in "reserve mode" for most of the day and just soaked in all the information.
Plus...I didn't have the massive long lenses that everyone else was as you can see how crowded it was...getting a shot without my fellow classmates blocking me proved to be a little difficult.

As much as I learned the first day...was just an appetizer to how much I learned the second day (Photoshop Day). I felt like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix when they uploaded Kung Fu into his brain. BURSTS of INFO!!!! I was grinning ear to ear pretty much ALL of the day.

These last two images are a couple album spreads that I put together using some of the few shots I did get and also using the album software Sallee Photography produced. I used to be completely against the idea of purchasing album layouts because I did want my albums to look like everyone else's and I didn't want to get limited on what I could do...but their amazing software is completely customizable. It just makes the process a little faster, adds several design touches, and leaves me feeling like I'm handing over a masterpiece to my client. And it is a masterpiece.

Despite some American Airline cancellation scares...and a small fear of flying...and low batteries...and Dallas having pretty cool weather (all I packed were summer shirts)...this trip was sooooooo worth it!!!! Sallee is coming to Kansas City for the in July...and I've already signed up. I'm addicted, what can I say. More Sallee Photography Please!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I won't lie...I'm not fond of flying. BUT, it's better than spending a ton of hours driving through unfamiliar territory. So here I am...Dallas, TX. I'll be here for two nights, three days for a photography seminar to learn from some amazing artists in the photography business, Sallee Photography. Hopefully I'll learn some new tricks of the trade and have a relaxing photography vacation in the process. I'm excited too, because I have a big comfy KING size bed...ALL TO MYSELF (sorry honey).
Here's a picture of the fam at the airport to see me off. I know it's a quick trip, but I did have to hold back tears while blowing kisses to them through the glass. Home really is where the heart is.
FYI: I won't have access to my email (I know, what am I going to do?!!!) I will respond to any emails on Wednesday. Thanks everyone!

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Well, this isn't exactly the weather I had expected for my mid-April wedding with Bridget & Jeremy...but the wedding went smoothly, no major hang-ups, and everyone was having a great time!

So CUTE...they are blowing kisses to eachother.

At the large and lovely Prince of Peace.
What's a great wedding without a sweeeeeet ride?
A beautiful reception! I know that the chair coverings cost an arm & leg...but that was the first thing I noticed when I walked into the room and admired about the decor. Something as trivial as chair coverings can really make or break the elegance. I give this decorating two thumbs up!
MMMMMmmmmmm....that's all I need to say about this one.

The next Hannah Montana gave us quite a show.
This was the cool effects I got when I played around with some long shutterspeeds. I really liked the DJ's light system.
This is Debbie & Mike (AKA: Mother & Father of the Bride) and they will be celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary this year. It takes alot of work and alot of love to accomplish that, so I thought it was only right to give mention to them. Congratulations you two!

Bridget, Jeremy, and all their family & friends were absolute sweethearts. They had a great wedding day, I had a great work is sweet.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Introducing Petia, Class of 2008! Petia is into photography, and she is so freakin' adorable...could my day get any better?

Now...Petia's mother was a bit shocked to find her come home with some fresh tatoos when she turned 18...but Petia really likes her stars (I wish mine looked that good). So I was extra careful to get shots that both Mother and Daughter will like. Some are just for Mom, some are just for Petia. Hopefully I have pleased both parties.

Well, aside from having to borrow Dad's jacket (lil too chilly) and dodge light sprinkles of rain...we had an awesome session. They are OOOOOOO so good!
Thanks Petia for being my beautiful model today.

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Due to celebrating KU's festivities, Jenni & Albert needed some gusty, cold, morning wind to help wake 'em up for our early Sunday session. I only wish I looked that good in the morning.
Perfect word to describe them.

I come from a whole family of collectors (Can you say CLUTTER-mania?) One thing I'm glad they have is some rusty old red trucks. One person's trash is another person's treasure. As a kick-ass prop, I won't let them get rid of these.

Jenni, were sizzlin'! Thanks for trusting me with the mystery location. I'm really glad we went there. You're gonna LOOOOVE the rest of 'em.

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