Monday, November 26, 2007

Congratulations to Tom & Lacey! While the rest of the world was battling the shopping chaos on Friday, they were beginning their "happily ever after" as husband & wife. Their ceremony and reception were at the lovely Loose Mansion.
This first picture is actually from the rehearsal, but I just couldn't leave it out. Too funny!
Check it out...they had their engagment pictures (we took a few months ago) scattered EVERYWHERE around the was like my own personal gallery!
And they had this beautiful waterfall shot enlarged on display in the entrance.

Getting ready shot.
I love the windows in this place.

This was an emotional picture of Lacey's dad escorting her down the staircase to go hand her off to Tom.
First portrait of Husband & Wife!

Beautiful and yummy!

You just take one look at them and know that they are truly in love.
This was my little experiment for the night. I pulled Lacey & Tom aside for a couple minutes...put them in the artic-cold winter weather on one of the balconies and captured them in the moonlight. Pretty neat and well worth the shivering! Lacey & Tom, I hope Friday will remain in your memories as being one of the best days ever! Have fun on your honeymoon!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ok, I just had to share this. Remember the poor 5-year-old that got wacked in the face with a metal bat by his younger cousin about 5 minutes before we took pictures last Sunday....
Well, this is what he looked like on Wednesday. This pic was sent to me by his mom. Sooooo the first thing that comes to mind looking at this picture is "WOW, this kid only cried for 1 or 2 minutes. I would have cried for an hour!" The second thing I thought was "I'm glad it didn't look this bad for pictures...I would have had to do some extreme editing."

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today I photographed the some of the coolest people I know...the Grosdidier & Koehn families. I think I was born into the wrong family and was meant to be in this one. :) Definitely some of best characters I've ever met.
Before we got started on our photography adventure, we had a little fault really. I forgot to do a quick sweep of my house to ensure child safety (one of the kids was just a wee toodler). Right before taking pictures, Christian (the youngest) took a metal bat to his cousin's face. OUCHIE!!! I reassured his mother I would be able to remove the gigantic purple lump from his portraits, but I just had to show off his battle wound. He is a tough kid.
Introducing Nathaniel.
Introducing Madison.
Introducing Daniel.
Introducing Makayla.
Introducing Christian.

Thank you Karen & Jason, Brent & Kim, Brandon & Charis, and all the your wonderful kids for making the trip all the way out here. It is always great to see you all, can't wait til next time.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

This is Natalynn and she is 20 months and good at it! I've been photographing her since she was in her mama's tummy, and now she's just blooming into this beautiful little girl. It's just so amazing they sprout so quick!

Look at those big brown eyes!
This is Tyler and Lacy, stunning and stylish as usual!

Simply lovely.
Thanks Tyler & Lacy for continuing to let me be a part of capturing your ever growing lives!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Introducing Kelsey, senior at Olathe East. Just take a look at this red-hot babe!
She said she really didn't want pictures with trees, but she didn't rule out leaves. I just knew this would make an awesome black & white.

What can I say, I love this red shirt!!!

Kelsey, thanks for putting up with the wind. It was lovely meeting you. More beautiful pictures to come.

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Taylor & Brooke are my best friend's nieces that are too adorable for words. Being around them is always a treat because they are like miniture adults. They are so polite and their coversations are so interesting. Here are a few pictures from when I kidnapped them for a few hours.

This is Brooke.

This is Taylor.
This is them sporting their super cool dino tatoos.During our session the girls were so cooperative and followed me while I took the lead. After a while, Taylor said her and Brooke were my "peeps". So I was the "Big peep" and they were my "lil peeps". They talked me into setting the good ol' self timer and doing a jump picture with our "peep" trio.
There were soooo many amazing pictures from our session, but I can't share them. :( They are to be a Christmas surprise for their parents.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This past weekend, my family went down to Arkansas to visit my husband's family. Aside from the brutal car ride, it was a beautiful and relaxing weekend. There was no cable, no satellite, no cell phone service, and NO INTERNET! I was like an addict very badly needing an internet fix. It really made me realize how much I utilize all of those things not just on a daily basis...but hourly basis. So...I found myself actually spending quality time with the family...and of course having my fill of southern cooking. There wasn't a moment that kitchen was empty. I think we came back 10 lbs heavier.
I really don't know how they managed to do it after eating their second and third plates of lunch, but the boys went and played hard at basketball for a couple of hours...and naturally they had me as their sideline photographer.

Sunday came quick and while half the family went to nearby Chili's to watch the Chiefs game, my grandmother, my mother-in-law, and myself spent time with my kids at this really neat placed called "Old Mill" in North Little Rock.

Oh, and I couldn't leave this out. I gave my son the compact camera to let him take pictures of his new toys. He really became obsessed with it. He had the camera well over an hour and this is just one of the cool pictures he captured. My little apprentice!

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