Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Thursday, I wanted to unplug for a bit and take my kids to see something fun. Look no further than the local public library. Mr. STINKYFEET was giving a concert...what better children entertainment can you ask for.
For the last song, Mr. StinkyFeet asked the Parent in the crowd be set good examples for the children by volunteering to come up front and sing along. I thought "how embarrassing!...but I should be a good role model." So...spandex and all (I was dressed to workout since the YMCA is a block away)...I went up to the front so my kids would watch and be proud of me. I was singing and dancing and imitating monkeys, alligators, and unicorns to a LARGE crowd of total kids had stopped paying attention and even had their backs turned away from the concert. ERRRRR!!!! I get an "E" for effort, right?

After the concert & YMCA, we went and did something I KNEW they would enjoy...THE POOL!
Tate made a new friend who spent, literally, hours doing nothing but cannon-balls.

And since Niki couldn't participate with cannon-balls (can't swim yet), she did a lot of this...
She'll so considerate though, that she'll give me a 30 sec. pause from crying so that I can snap a picture of her pretending to be happy. Such a little actress. (I'm scared for her teen years)

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