Sunday, July 13, 2008

Guess who got a new Macro Lens?...
I DID!!! I DID!!!!
I love how much closer I can get to the little details and capture all the intricate details.
This is my lovely Bride of the day...Andrea! When I left my house to meet up with her at the salon, it was pouring so bad outside that I couldn't go any faster than 45mph on the highway due to low visibility. BUT I always stay optimistic about rainy wedding days. I've only had 2 ever that rained the whole day. Most times it will clear up just in the nick of time...and it did for Andrea. HURRAY! After the salon we grabbed some Taco John's. It was my first time eating there and those potato crowns are AMAZING! YUM YUM!
As if to scare us even more, we had this big, fat TV on the weather channel as the girls were getting ready. BUT my optimism is stronger than some dreary weather forecast.
This picture is thanks to Karen, who wanted to grab proof that I'm more than just a photographer. I can bobby pin stray hairs, too!
I thought I would include this one to humor Karen. She said I looked like a creepy stalker in this pic...and I would have to agree. :)

LOOK! It cleared up. Positive thinking has taken effect.
Best Jumper Award goes to October (The bridesmaid on the far right). Love the enthusiasm.
We all had to talk Andrea into this one...but it's sooooo cute!

I introduced the "Pound It" method of greeting people to the two flower girls (Isabel and Jersey). They were practiced the "pound it" all through the reception. They are good students. :)
Whoa, who's that good lookin' couple?!

When I was uploading that organizing pictures and saw this one...I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes (which is pretty pathetic because it was late last night and I was all alone...laughing by myself at my computer screen).

Had to include this one too...I didn't really hear what the minister said but I took the picture right as I saw him waving in my direction ... and I was about to wave back because I thought he was waving at me...luckily I glanced at my viewfinder and noticed there was another hand waving in the crowd. Another close call to embarrassing myself.
I snapped this right after Andrea & Andy surprised each of their mother's with a rose. It was an extremely heartfelt moment. This is Andrea's mother and brother.
Another majestic early-evening shot of Stony Point Hall. This is my second time out there and it is even more beautiful than I remember it.
Gotta give a shout out to Brandon (left) who videotaped, Justin (middle) who did a wonderful job walking his sister down the isle, and Brent (right) who I spontaneously recruited to help me photograph the ceremony (just like in Mexico last year...and again did a perfect job.)
Major credit to Karla, the cake-lady. Beautiful as always!
Can you tell this is the Groom's cake?
I love how there's a little extra touch to creative lighting inside Stony Point. It really adds to the atmosphere.
First dance as husband & wife.
Best Dance Move Award goes to Jersey and her dance partner. Good height on that one!
More mood lighting.
Wanted to also give special mention to Larissa and Brent Edmonds. They were my Bride & Groom last June...are even more in love that when I first met them.
Awe, the saying goes..."Opposites Attract". Andy is a fan of Wild Cats and Pepsi...Andrea is a fan of Jayhawks and Coke.
Love me some good bubble action! Andrea & Andy are off to Vegas tomorrow!
Congratulations you two! Have fun on your honeymoon!

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Anonymous said...

As being the best man i had a blast on the dance floor most of nite.... that is where i was... Best wish gose to my cuz Andy and Andera..............

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time and an awesome family! I especially liked the fish-faces. Andrea has a beautiful smile and her whole face lights up when she laughs. I agree that the photographer looks like a creepy stalker...(I'm the photographer's mommy!)

Anonymous said...

To the best man:
Her name is Andrea...not Andera.