Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yesterday, I got news that Nancy Fager passed away. I first met Nancy at her son's wedding last May in Mexico and at that time she was in remission from cancer. Sweet as could be, she continued to keep touch with me through email after the wedding. When her granddaughter was born this past February, I saw her at the hospital while taking newborn portraits and found out that her cancer had returned...and with full force. She smiled and assured me, though, that she would stick around for me to photograph her at her daughter's wedding in June. She followed through and made Katie's wedding that much more meaningful and special.
There is so much sadness knowing someone who has touched your life is gone. My heart goes out to Jake, Katie, and all the family and friends who will miss Nancy dearly.
Here is a photo-collage that I put together using the many pictures I've captured of Nancy and her loved ones over the past couple years. As a reminder, you can click on the image to view it larger. My hope is that these pictures bring back warm memories and comfort knowing she was very loved.

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