Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm just so curious to how people get good quality little videos on their sites...I must give it another go.  Tell me if you can see it and rate the quality (for web compression)

Untitled from Christine May on Vimeo.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Warnke-Tapdance, originally uploaded by Click Photography KC.

I went a little slower on the clips to see if that would help with picture quality, but I don't think it did the trick. I know I don't know too much about this stuff, but I think that's the best its gonna look when compressed for the web. If anyone knows different tricks...I'm all eyes and ears. HELP!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuckness_Leaves2_try, originally uploaded by Click Photography KC.

Hey Everyone, I'm testing out this video stuff (all very new to me) and this short video clip and the other short video clip are different file types. I'm curious to know if everyone can view both file types on their computers. Leave me a comment and let me know if you can see this one or the other one...or both. Thanks!

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Tuckness_leaves, originally uploaded by Click Photography KC.

Fun in the Leaves

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Ok, I've lost track of how many times I've photographed this family (This might make the fifth or sixth...Lacy, do you know?)...but I have to say this has been the best session!!!!  We picked one hell of a day!  Man! It was beautiful.  And I think we picked the perfect spot for Natalynn.  She was happy and mobile...it was meant to be.  We had actually had the session scheduled for a couple weeks ago, but at the day before Natalynn ended up taking a tumble which required a hospital visit and stitches.  Whoops-a-daisies!



This was Natalynn's first time playing in leaves....and she was lovin' it!  It reminded me that I really needed to take my kids over to Granny's house, right after she's spent the whole weekend raking, and let them go to town....maybe me too. 


Thanks Lacy & Tyler for having me out today!  More fabulous pictures are on the way!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Wahooooooo!  Dalton is DA MAN!  Little bashful, but nothing me and his crazy mom can't handle.  HAHA!  RANEE...you rock!
Yea...that's right...he looks like a rockstar.

Love the mirror reflection...that was a cool window.
And what's a senior session with some awesomely lit pictures inside a parking garage?  

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Nicole & Steve (aka: Lucy Lu & Matthew Broadrick...or Densel, which ever he's feeling the walking tempo to be;)...are two of my SUPERCOOL friends.....and THEY'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!  WAHOOOOO!!!!!  Now...I've NEVER photographed them before, so I will admit I was a little nervous.  Wasn't sure how they were going to like the camera...  and as you can see by this first pic, Steve was terrified.  HAhaha


Ok...for this picture, I told Nicole to sit on the floor and pretend she was a little Asian Toy Doll...ok, a little Asian-Pregnant-Toy-Doll...ok, a little Asian-Pregnant-Happy-Toy-Doll.  I think she pulled it off nicely.  She's such a Doll.  :)


I pretty much specialize in fun, lighthearted shots...it's what I think I'm best at, but every blue moon I do a "pretty" shot with lots of mood to it, and it turns out so good I surprise myself (sorry to brag...doesn't happen all that often).  Well...the Moon was big and blue on Saturday.  This is one of those shots.  Although, in the back of my mind...where the egos of my self praise can barely be heard, I realize that much of it has to do with just how damn beautiful Nicole is....but I'd just like to keep thinking it was me...so shhhhhh!
And then...ah, yes....the CHARACTER SHOT!  Under the same roof live the gourmet cook (Steve) and the five-star-worthy baker (Nicole).  They have lots of different talents & hobbies to choose to incoorporate into the Character shot, but this cook vs. baker thing is "them everyday".  I think Nicole was a little freaked out by Steve holding the gigantic knife for the picture...but come on, he's not dangerous...just a pot-head (in a non-illegal way, of course). 

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is Whitney, the daughter of my old boss.  I love Whitney...but I have to spend a moment to talk about her mom, Virgina (aka: Ruthie).  Many people have tons of horror stories about their old bosses, but seriously, this woman is the most beautiful soul.  I don't remember where it was that I heard this explanation, but here's a go:  Some people are friends for life, some are friends at a job, some are friends for a season, some are friends for an event, some are friends for the minute, some are friends that are hidden, but always there...but all types are a part of your life, however long or short, and have contributed something...big or small.  Virginia was a good boss, and is still a good friend.  She may not know it, but she has deposited such a huge contribution into my life.  When I think of her, I can't help but wonder what a beautiful world it would be if only there were more people like her.  

Now Ruthie...hopefully you're not reading this while your family has spiked your drink (like at Ashley's wedding)...you big cry baby.  ;)   I just want you to know I love ya, girl.

Take a look at the Lovely Whitney!  
This one was fun!  Thank's to Justin...the man-power behind the furniture rearranging. 

This was my playful attempt to capture the mother-daughter relationship.  Did I get it right, Ruthie?

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Friday, November 7, 2008

I met Sarah Rimel a few months ago at the John Michael Cooper seminar (www.altf.com)...and she was one of those people that felt like an instant click.  At the seminar, John told us about a thing he's started called the "Pay It Forward Project".  Basically, it started from the idea of how very wrong it is for the photographer's family to never have any pictures of themselves.  So the project was born when John decided to go on tour and in every city he stopped in, he would photograph one or more photographers and their families.  Then those photographers are obligated to "pay it forward" and photograph another photographer and their family...and so on, and so on...

After I met Sarah, she offered to "pay it forward" with me.  Here's just a few of the pictures...there are many more on her blog.  www.sarahrimel.blogspot.com  
And check out her website at www.rimelphoto.com   
She is absolutely amazing and I thank my lucky starts for having met her.

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I'm way behind on blogging, I know...just have a million different things going on at home, to the home, lots of open sessions,albums, and a wedding...plus I'm working on several new changes and upgrades to the blog, website, and proofing.  Changes doesn't happen over night...just wishful thinking.

These are a few pics from Tate's school field trip to the Shatto Dairy Farm.  Being as I work from home and have a somewhat flexible schedule, I try to stay involved with his school as much as I can.  So when they asked if the parents wanted to go along on the field trip, I was IN!  Problem is, when siblings come along, the parents aren't allowed to bring them on the buses...so I had to follow behind...no problem, right?  Well, I had NO IDEA how far we were going...and I started the trip on a near empty tank of gas.  That place took about an hour to get to.  Yikes!  But I made it.  It was raining pretty crazy out...so once we got there, we had to stay in the car FOREVER...Niki and I entertained ourselves by taking turns making silly faces for the camera.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!!!!!....This was an amazing session.  It was a perfect day, with some perfect locations, and I had the Perfect chic to photograph!  Ashlee is a really cool character and is a super-duper-amazing-fabulous-way-too-cool tap dancer.  My camera and I got front row seats to a performance on her new tap board (that she and her boyfriend made...it's really neat).   I had a very very very hard time choosing just a few favorites for the blog...but here it goes.  I LOVE THESE shoes!!!!!!!!

She has this marvelous lime green stool...that would perfectly match the color of my kitchen walls.  I was tempted to steel it from her.  :)
I had a ZILLON awesome pictures of her tap dancing for me, but this one stood out because of the tips of her toes touching the board.
This was my first time ever photographing at Kansas City Public Library, and I'm so glad I got to try it out.  We had fun on the roof, with the giant chess board, along the street, and inside and out of the library's parking garage....all except for the "doggie comfort area"...to which I accidentally smashed my big foot in a nice pile of doggie plop.  Nice, right.

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