Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Check out these two...total play-toys for me.  I had the unbelievable pleasure of photographing Stacey and Josh's wedding back in May, which was a blast...and now to finalize the matrimony deed, we had ourselves a down and dirty "trash the dress" session...and Stacey trashed it...literally.      :)

See what I mean?...DIRTY GIRL!   ...yes, that really is a dumpster she's sitting cozy in.

This was fun....oh yea, at this was taken at our second location...a graveyard.

Josh, Stacey...you are total characters and I'm so glad be the one to help display it.
I'll scare ya later.   ;)

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Anonymous said...

she is sooooooo gorgeous and they are made for eachother :)