Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, this first picture has nothing to do with Krista & Jon...but I thought it was pretty funny and needed some blog-love.  This is my hunky husband's facial expression when I make him be my BB (Bag-Boy) and lighting assistant on his day off.  Boo-hoo.
THIS is Krista & Jonathon.  ...way better looking. :)
I haven't done a session with pets in a while, but there always seems to be some excitement with doggies around.  The leash broke and their sweet big dog went and found himself a little dog to snack on. :)

A huge group of homecoming-dressed-students walked past and were "ooo & ahh"ing at Krista & Jon ...so I kicked them out of my shot...and took a picture of my red shoes while doing it.  I wish I would've grabbed a picture of one of the girls, though...because she had on one of the most amazing green dresses I've EVER seen.  Darn!
Ahhh, La Plaza...
Poor Jon...he's not big on PDA, but he was such a good sport...letting me boss him around.  They were such a fun couple on the wedding day and this session was no exception.  

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