Monday, October 20, 2008

First I'd like mention how I nearly tore my steering-wheel off while trying to meet up with Christina & Joe for our 8am Saturday morning session.  Um...yeah, I got my butt out of bed early, like a good girl, filled up with coffee, and headed out on time (which is saying a lot of me for such an early shoot)...only to find myself stuck on the north side of the Plaza desperately trying to get to the south side of Brush Creek....FOR 45 AGONIZING MINUTES!!!!  When I decided to try and take a shortcut going through the downtown area to get to Loose Park, I was surprise to find a 26 mile marathon blocking every singe through road EVERYWHERE I tried to go.  It was almost equally shocking to find there are so many healthy, athletic people in the car-populated-Kansas City area.  There must have been thousands of was never ending.

Christina and Joe, thankfully, waited patiently and when I FINALLY got there, we had a terrific session.  I love these pictures!  Aren't these dog adorable?!

MAJOR cool points to Joe for this stunt!

Thanks Christina & Joe for waiting on me.  Shauna and I had a really good time with you.

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Karen Koehn said...

Amazing photos again! I love these dog photos... the best I have ever seen. Reminds me of the movie "Must love dogs". great job, it was worth being late for.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC PICS! I love them, thanks for sharing these wonderful pics and I love the black and white ones alot. Cyndie

Christina said...

They are GREAT!!!! Thank you so much for a great Saturday morning and some fantastic pictures! I am even more excited to see all the proofs now and am looking forward to it! I'm so glad we got in touch and were able to do the session!