Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jayne...and Cecil... two of those most perfectly paired people I've seen yet.  I absolutely fell in love with the both of them when I met them a few months ago at the consultation.  They are the kind of people that if you only met once, you'd remember them forever.  
They are WAY too fun...and don't mind a little risk involved in getting a picture.  :)
And I must give mention to their cute, furry friends...

Cecil cracks me up... we did this to poke fun at the fact he showed up to the session with his fly undone.  :)
Rivals living in the same house.

Major skills involved with this one.

This is one of their many character shots.  Cecil is a water-lover and his thing is scuba-diving.  

hey now...not in front of the kids!... :)

This session was so carefree and uplifting...exactly why I love my job and why I want to be a photographer.  I am super anxious for their wedding now!

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Tiffani (Sister-In-Law) said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! They are just as cute and funny as they are!

Annette & Barry Carter said...

Makes me miss you guys even more!!!! I LOVED the pics...can't wait for the rest!!!

christie's new sister shawna said...

They were awesome! this was one of the longest shoots i helped with but it was definately one of the funnest :)

Jayne and Cecil said...

We had such a great time with you on this shoot. You made it so comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly FUN... plus, Cecil got exactly what he wanted, NON-posed pictures :) Thanks so much Christine! We can't wait to see the rest of the pics and we're really looking forward to more sessions with you.

Donna Carter said...

These pictures just plain ROCK!!! I'm sorry that we are going to miss the wedding. Christine you do such wonderful work and I would love to know what kind of camera and actions you use.