Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I met Kevin last year in Mexico and he (with his dare-devil stunts) made a lasting impression on me.  He lives a few hours away, so I've never had the chance to photograph him and his family until now.  It's kind of funny because he had called me a while back to set up the session because they were planning on being in town because his wife, Kelly, was a runner in that 26 mile marathon on know, the one that I got trapped in for 45 minutes while trying to meet up with Christina, Joe, and their two doggies for a session.  hehehe 

And this is Morgan...their bright-eyed, beautiful 18 month old.

Morgan, like 99% of other toddlers, didn't much care for a big fat camera being stuck in her face.  Actually, there's lots of adults like that too. :)  So, we compromised and distracted her with the escalator. 

Who says the kid is the only one who gets to throw fits?!

Thanks Kevin & Kelly for baring with me and having patience.  Hope you had a pleasant drive home.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family and beautiful job capturing them in a picture!

christie's new sister shawna said...

despite all of the tears and sadness, you took alot of great pictures. what makes your work even more beautiful, is that you get blooper shots and shots of the kids crying or when the people arent "posing" or "ready" it makes it more realistic instead of coriographed(if thats how you even spell it :] )