Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A year or two ago, one of my best pals, Sarah, and I were having dinner together and our conversation that night was about soul mates. She told me that there was no such thing as soul which I STRONGLY disagree. I argued my point that I believe that no matter who you are, what your flaws there is someone in the world (among the zillions of people on Earth) who is absolutely perfect for you. Yin Yang. Whether or not people find their soul mate, is a different matter, but they're out there. Cheesy sounding, I know...but that's what I believe.
Not long after having that conversation, Sarah met Brian. Ummm, yeah....I think I've proved my point. :) I don't think she's ever said it, but just being around them together, I think they are truly made for each other. I love being right. :)

By the way, Sarah has MAD talent in clothing design. She makes most of her clothes and they are super sweet. I'll admit, when my son was a baby he was quite scared of Sarah and her industrial look, but now they just think she's like a big Brats doll.

How cool is this pic?!

Sarah is going to KILL me. I snapped a rather flatting shot of her in sneakers in between location changes.

We sorta ran out of light (my fault since I didn't make it out to Lawrence till late) we did about half of our picture in pitch darkness....which wasn't all bad, but can I just mention how creepy it is walking in absolute darkness in a wilderness area. Made me think of the Blair Witch Project. eeeek!

Check out the background...that is a gigantic piece of artwork made by Sarah...made by hours and hours of colored gel-pens. Very cool!
Another one of Sarah's gel-pen masterpieces.

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Charis said...

I can't believe how long her hair is! That girl has some real devotion to her passions!