Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well...we made one last visit to River Ranch before the summer ended.
I took my camera on the float trip (in a watersafe bag) and met a GIGANTIC group of guys from my hometown, Olathe...they were celebrating a Bachelors Party, so I gave them some camera lovin'. NOW...these guys had been drinking and I didn't have business cards so HOW SHOCKED was I to see that they remembered my website URL and contacted me yesterday. I'm so glad they did...I really wanted them to have these pictures. SO CUTE!
The bachelor is the one looking awfully nervous on top of his buddies shoulders.
First time in about TEN years, we tipped our canoe (sorry, no pictures there...had my camera in the bag). AND it wasn't a "GOOD" tip (you know, the kind where you watch the humorous chaos of a bunch of drunkin fools trying to grab their beers before drifting away from the canoe). We had a "BAD" tip to where we hit a bunch of branches in the middle of the river and our canoes (two tied together) caved in on each other...which trapped us. I was actually a little scared for a minute because we couldn't break free and, since I was in front, both my legs were pinned and I had the river current putting MAD pressure from the canoes on my legs...OUCH!!! Luckily, a bunch of HEROS on the shore rushed to our rescue and helped free us.
These are my HEROS of the day.
This is a picture of one of the HEROS preparing for the next tree victims. I think while we were on shore we saw three people get caught there.
The look of pride from this rescuer....also a Captain fan. :)
And what would my blog post be without embarrassing someone. Here is my rockstar sister lookin' super HOT the next morning. I LOVE YOU, AMANDA! I would have put one on of my friend Melissa, equally glamorous, but I feared for my children growing up motherless. :)
This was just a cool picture I did at a gas station on the way back home.
We stopped at a Shoney's for breakfast on the way back and they had some lil stuffed Spongebob I picked the two to photograph to represent my husband and me. Can you guess which one I am?
OH! And need I NOT forget to mention that my sister accidentally locked our keys in the car while we were eating. NICE! This is a pic of the locksmith checking out our car. Matt was the one who went out to talk to him...and I didn't see him check ID or anything, so I was planning on going out there and screaming "HEY, THAT'S MY CAR! I'M CALLING THE COPS!" just to mess with him...but he was a quick car-breaker-inner. Didn't get a chance.
So that was my eventful weekend...just thought I'd share a few of the highlights.

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