Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forgot to add this one...also one of my favorites!

Remember how I went to the AltF seminar about a month ago...well, one of the things I took away from the famous John Michael Cooper is that I should start writing down/sketching my ideas on paper so that I can remember to do them later on. Last week, I had the idea of giving one of my fun couples some bubblegum and having them compete against each other for BIGGEST BUBBLE. Cute, right?! I had my hands full at the time, so I made my husband run and find my notebook and draw it for me. ...this is his fabulous drawing and supposed to represent my idea. ...hey, I didn't marry him for his drawing abilities. :)

This is my fav shot of the session! Great Height Derek!!!! Stay bouncy...I might make you do some more exercises in your tux later on.
O, how I love these old junk trucks. I refuse to let my Grandma get rid of them, just so I have something really cool to photograph. By the way, Ashley had perfectly smooth and flawless, exposed legs previous to going out to the land. I think she ended our session with 3 or 4 dozen chigger/mosquito bites. I am soooooo sorry.
And what's one of my sessions without a little risk? This took a couple of tries...87th Street (west of 1-435) is a main road and plenty busy. And those people though they only had to worry about hitting deer. HA!
After I promised I was finished about 5 times...I forgot I wanted this one last shot. So this actually was my last promised finish. Wahoo!
This is their "The Personality Shot". Ashley told me that ever since they started dating, this is has been Derek's pose of choice. I told her she should have a huge collage at her wedding sign-in table with all the pictures of him doing this. How cute is that! Thanks Derek and Ashley for braving busy roads, putting up with non-blowable-gum, and being eaten alive. Anything for the right shot, right?! Hopefully your wedding will be less painful. :)

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