Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well life and love is complete for my lovely client, Megan. I first met and photographed her and her lil man, Tyler, a year ago and it has been a pleasure ever since. She met and recently married her fabulous husband, Casey, and I can see happiness ALL over those three. Life is good.

I had to throw one in of just Megan. Isn't she STUNNING?!!! She is the essence of elegance. That dress was made for her.

Tyler walked her down the isle and Megan's ring was in that little red car. How CUTE is that!

This is just such a romantic angle...especially once we removed the bandaids. hehehe :)


This was Megan's one and only request...when she got married, Tyler clung to her legs during her wedding vows and it was a memorable moment that was unfortunately missed by the camera. So...we redid it for that visual key to always remember that moment.
Thanks, Megan & Casey, for having me out for the special picture opp and invite on the sky diving. I ran it past Matt tonight and I think he might up for it. He's like me...he'll need someone to physically push him out of the plane...but will LOVE IT!

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Karen said...

I LOVE the picture of Tyler holding on to his moms legs! so cute and very touching. Great Pictures!