Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I met Allison earlier this summer and have fallen in love with her and her family. I should say it's a love hate thing...I love Allison, but I hate how perfect she is. This chic has the best genes on the planet. Who really looks like this pregnant? really! Can anyone guess her age?
I asked them how big they thought the baby was in their mommy's tummy...

I think this is my FAV shot!

How cute is this!?!
Here's my BB hard at work. Thanks Honey!

I snapped this shot of them sneaking a little love-action when they thought I wasn't looking.
This is a cute shot of Richard and his boys. He really is creating his own small army of boys...the baby on the way is a boy too.

This awesome pic was actually Richards cool is this! It's a long exposure shot...that took a bit of practice, but it is really neat how it captures the motion.

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Logan said...

Love the belly shots, my fav is the painted hand prints and name...and my guess is 28.

Stosich Family said...

I am Allison's youngest sister Jessica. She told me to go on here and look at the pictures and all your work. Wow, you are awesome at what you do! I love all your work and you did an awesome job at Allison and Richard's photos! Of course i know Allison's age and it's not 28, good guess though Logan. She is older than 28! People sometimes say she looks younger than me. She looks awesome for how old she is!

The Barney Family said...

I am also Alie's other younger sis, Becky. I saw these pictures when they first got them done, I've just never looked at all your other photos. Can I just say WOW!!! I honestly can say that you are one of the best photographers I have ever seen! I also agree with you, of Alie not looking her age; she looks younger when you meet her in person too huh! I love my sis and glad you got the priveledge to meet her, she is wonderful!!!!!!!!!