Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OOOOooooooooWWWeeeee!!! My camera was a happy-camper today (opps, I mean's really late)! I spent pretty much the whole day photographing the sweet & saucy Jordan. She not only is probably the one of the most beautiful people I've met, but she's also a blast to photograph. She likes the crazy-funny shots as much as I do.

How sweet is this wall?!?!
What you can't see in this pic is the crazy guy to the right of the pole who is hitting on my lovely senior. Jordan will agree with me when I say, we had quite the adventure today.


This has to be a close tie for my favorite shot of the day. Thanks to a total stranger who was extremely kind to let us use his loft & rooftop for the picture. If you are reading this Jarod.....TTTHHHAAANNNKKKSS!
I thought this one had an oldschool hollywood feel to it.

Pucker up, baby!
I went to go have her hold my zebra card to start some pictures and she was convinced that it looked like she was being arrested...and I would have to agree. BAD GIRL, BAD GIRL, WHAT YOU GONNA DO, WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN I PHOTOGRAPH YOU...

Classy lady
OH my, I should be tucked in bed...but I got distracted by all of the super-fabulous pics of Jordan. I definitely had me a goooooooood day.

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Logan said...

DANG!!! I can't even pick a fav.

Heather Cole said...

Love the outside pix of this Senior. Great job!