Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today I eagerly attended the AltF seminar, part of the VeryAltF tour. You may have seen their world famous image of the Bride on set on fire (which she wasn't harm done). Truely talented and creative photographers....and today at the seminar, it was basically the A-List Kansas City photographers attending (Jason Domingues, PhotoMomentos, Sarah Rimel, LemonLime, and many more). Even Heather Cole showed up as I was leaving and I got to met her in person...which I've always wanted to because she's been a huge inspiration for the past year.
Here's a shot of John Michael Cooper in action...doin' his thang.
Here we all are, soaking it all in.
Some of the creative fun we had with our model bride.
AltF's seminar today was hosted by Jason Domingues ( ) of extreme skills. His studio was eye-popping and attention grabbing.
I learned several things from my experience with AltF and the other fantastic photographers. Walking away, I have new inspiration, new goals, and maybe even some new friendships. What more could I ask for?!
If any other photographers are interested in attending their other workshops, you can find more info out at their website:
Here's some more websites of some of the other photographers (sorry, didn't catch all of their websites/names) :

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neal said...

If you missed yesterday. You missed out. Shame on you!

It was great to meet you Christine!! Hope to talk more soon!

Sarah Rimel said...

Hi Christie! I really enjoyed getting to meet you and all of the other super cool photogs that attended the workshop!

Keep in touch -

Heather Cole said...

It was SOO nice to meet you finally! I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you longer. :) Keep in touch! :)