Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing the lovely Mr. & Mrs. Glass!!!
It was a surprise to walk out the front door to find a steady rain shower...but that didn't stop us from getting some AMAZING pics of the day! No sir, it didn't! Our Photography-Kung-Fu is strong.
Their wedding was held at the historic Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence. It was my first time time I'll be more prepared for parking (or lack there of). I had to talk the front desk into letting me charge Valet to my check card since I was cash-free...except for the $2 in quarters I scrounged up from my car.
This dress was made for Jana....she looked drop-dead-gorgeous in it.
Can you EVEN imagine how excited I was to find out she had hot pink heels for her wedding shoes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Me and the shoes had ourselves a mini-photoshoot...there are more good ones to come.
Almost as awesome as the pink shoes is the flowers she had...Gerbera Daisies (my absolute fav flower of all time...and also what I used in my own wedding).
Who is that stud-muffin? might ask. That is my fabulous Groom, Trent.
And let's not delay the pictures of Trent's ol' lady (as he puts it). Nothin' but beauty, Jana was also easy as pie to photograph.

I really think ALL of these pictures need to be in a magazine somewhere!
See Barbie...I told you I'd put this on the blog just for you.
I might just be a little obsessed with the shoes...
Is this HOT, or is this HOOOOOTTTTT!
A little sweet lovin'.

Here's what Jana and Trent actually looked like when they weren't rock-stars for the camera. Hot...literally.

This picture effect was actually a total accident...I was making adjustments in Photoshop and this happened and I thought it was wicked cool. Only wish I could remember how I did it. :(

This has to be one of my FAVORITES of the day. Ben (ring bearer) & Jordan (Flower girl) were SOOOOOOO CUTE!
And lets not forget Sofie.
...did I also mention I'm obsessed with elevator shots.

This was setting up for the wedding party to be announced into the reception, I told my assistant (Shawna...who did a terrific job), to stand off to the side and hold my flash up high in the air. Blocking her spot was this GIANT of a man (had to have been around 7 FEET tall). So rather than have my 5 foot assistant hold the light, I put the wedding guest to work and had him hold it for me. I'm sorry to say I didn't catch his name, but THANK YOU whoever you are.
...oh...and I might mention that before actually being a help, he received payment by blinding my assistant for a good laugh. Hey, I was laughing...of course, I wasn't the one seeing spots for an hour. :)
Now that they're married, spousal abuse has begun. Jana, go easy on him.
Jana was waterworks all a very good way. I love to see my Brides get sucked into the moment and let the emotions take over. This picture was taken as her maid of honor gave her toast to the newlyweds.
Last shot of the night and it had finally stopped raining.
Jana and Trent...thanks for letting me do my thing with you and your FUN & FABULOUS wedding party. You guys ROCK!

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Anonymous said...

I had an amazing time helping you with Jana & Trent's wedding.
It was a lot of fun, despite the fact that my arm muscles hurt from holding up the flash and getting blinded by the really tall man.
I really did enjoy it, and I'm hoping we can do this again sometime soon.