Sunday, August 10, 2008

I think today was the IDEAL day for a family portrait session. The weather was perfect, there was sun and some clouds, and a happy family. The recipe for a great photo session.
This is Brandon & Charis Grosdidier and their two terrific kids, Makayla & Daniel (really hope I spelled those right...let me know Charis).

Ok, I got these lollie-pops a few months ago, EAGERLY waiting for the right photo opp...and this was IT! And these two definitely deserved the tasty treat...they were AWESOME for the whole session.

I think this is my favorite picture of them all...I love all of them, but I always tend to lean closest to the pic that makes me laugh the most.
Thanks guys! Hope you like your "teaser". ;)

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Charis said...

It's actually Daniel! :o) No worries though, Brent's son is Nathaniel. :o)

Charis said...

The lollipop photo looks like an ad in a magazine!! SO AWESOME! :o)