Saturday, December 22, 2007

The one-word description I give to this wedding was "FUN". They had a beautiful ceremony at Prince of Peace, followed by an amazing reception at St. Andrews Golf Club.
It took the effort on several people to help Sarah into her dress...but this was my favorite shot of the lacing of the back.

This was going to be an out-take due to the glass glare behind them...but then I thought of a clever title to this picture: "The Bride So Beautiful She Was Blinding"
My first wedding to have Irish men in their proper attire.
Gotta have a nice ride!

"Excuse me, Do you have any Grey Poupon?" said the driver.
Bet you've never seen a Groom cut a cake like this!
The toasts were especially interesting. The Father of the Groom said that he could tell his son was in love because he had the same look in his face "At one with the world" as he did as a baby while laying in the sun, naked, with a rash. Surprisingly, it was a very touching speech. is the Father of the Bride. He AND his daughter said they weren't going to cry. much for that. Here is the Father holding back as hard as he can.
And here is Sarah...started crying as soon as the DJ started playing the Father-Daughter dance song.
First Dance as Husband & Wife.
This was TOO Funny. Rory had Sarah's dress all way up to get the garter, exposing her nicely sculpted leg...and then her father ran over to provide cover.
Mother-Son Dance.
This song was dedicated to Rory's brother, a soldier stationed out of the country fighting in the war. Rory's Dad, is also in the military and wasn't originally scheduled to make the wedding...but last minute he was given leave.
OK, this has got to be the best DJ I have had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend him to ALL. DOCTOR DJ had everyone on the dance floor the whole night, and everything ran so smoothly. I HIGHLY recommend him for all future events.

What can I say...there is something sexy about a man with a purse, blowing bubbles.
Sarah & Rory...I had a great time. Can't wait to show you more. Your brother and I have a lovely idea for your album front cover. Be prepared. :)

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