Sunday, December 2, 2007

I am proud to announce Mr. & Mrs. Crabbs! This is one solid couple. I can sum up their characters in one word: Genuine.

The morning of the wedding, Samantha received a beautiful boquet of roses and the sweetest little note from her future husband. I have to read: "Samantha, Not only today will I marry my best friend, but I will marry the love of my life. See you at 4. Don't run. Love Scott."

That has to be the sweetest thing I have seen a groom say yet! Especially the "Don't run" part. :)

I love her white winter cape. It is so fitting.
Their first dance. I spent the whole day with them, but I could tell in 5 minutes they are truly best friends.

The mood lighting.They are so can't help but be in a good mood around them.

This brave fellow won the auction to be the first guest to dance with the bride during the dollar dance. A cool $300!
And we can't forget the poor father of the bride. It was his birthday and everyone made sure to give him special attention.

Thank you Samatha and Scott! It was such a pleasure to hang out with you, your family, and friends. You both are headed for great times ahead! Have fun in Maui!

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