Sunday, January 6, 2008

WHAT AMAZING January weather we had Saturday!!! That is good luck, right there!
It was even warm enough in the evening we got some outdoor shots without become complete popsicles.
I started the day off hanging out with Gail in her process of getting ready...but I took a short break to give a little attention to this little girl. HOW CUTE!
The ceremony was held at the charming Danforth Chapel on KU's campus.
They had a nice bride's room.

Those shoes were worth the pain. Lovely.
With a little driving around, we found ourselves a worthy Jayhawk statue.

Now, as most do...this LOVE has a story behind it. They were young sweethearts in college, got married, then parted ways in the early 90's (I think 1991 to be exact). they say "True love never dies"...they found each other again and ...well, here they are. Life is a journey...they had a past, this is their present, and they will be together for their future.
Mr. & Mrs.
This will go down in my history of most embarrassing things I have done at a wedding. This table represents my tragety. I was soooo thirsty and went to grab a 2 liter, which I did one-handed since I had my two big cameras in the other hand. The cap wasn't screwed on all the way, the coke bottle slipped from my grasp and the next thing I know I have a sticky coke explosion ALL OVER the table, myself, and MY PRECIOUS cameras. I swear I think that coke kept spraying for near half a minute before some kind guests rescued me. I
was born a klutz. Ahhh, and I must not forget to give credit to all the many fellow photographers that attended. Here are a few of the people who I spotted snaping some pics from the day.
Cool, eh?

Gail & Kent, I may not have been at your first wedding, but I can tell you looked as much in love, if not more so. Congratulations for finding each other again!

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