Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is Vic & Amanda and they are absolute TROOPERS! We met just a couple of weeks ago for a wedding consultation and they mentioned they were interested in having winter-time engagement pictures for Save-the-date/Holiday cards. And as luck would have it...we have plenty of winter-time around lately....but MAN! Was it COLD! We had an amazing session for (surprisingly) an hour in below freezing weather...the pictures turned out great though!
This next one was my little experiement for the session. I left this one at a large resolution, so you should be able to click on the image to have it enlarged on your screen. This was my first try at adding digital snow to the image. I think it turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.
Did I mention I LOVE red! Their clothes really bring out their red-hot love in the picture.
So sweet!
This was one of my favorites of the indoor session.
Despite the extreme weather conditions, their engagement session resulted in some fantastic pictures...well worth the frozen limbs.
Thanks Amanda & Vic! I'm so glad you share my crazy-passion to do what it takes to get the shot. I'll be seeing you again in the warm month of May.

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