Sunday, June 29, 2008

To day was a perfect day for a white wedding!!!! (Can you hear Billy?)
Kourtney & Jason got hitched at the MARVELOUS Longview Mansion in Lees Summit. This was my first time shooting there and the possibilities are endless! I hope I have another wedding there someday.
Here was one of my first shots of the day...THE DRESS!!!
The Hunky-Hubby (AKA: Jason)
The boys
The Lovely-Lady (AKA: Kourtney)
The Girls
The Bling
Airflow...those old buildings with tons of windows have pretty darn muggy upper levels.
It was right before the ceremony when I was walking back towards the mansion and I noticed Kourtney taking a peak at her guests.
I have to hand it to Longview Mansion and their awesome planning services. Things went smooth like butter. Right after the ceremony, we retreated to a cute gazebo where we took the some pictures. Yeah, baby!
We were all STARVING after the ceremony and I thought it would be appropriate to have the last few pictures, before going back, to be a race. I love the best man's face as he's running.
But previous customers know all too well that when I say I'm done, I'm really not. I sometimes say I done 2 or 3 times before actually letting go. I had the bride & groom stick out a few more minutes with me before going back in.
And it was sooooooo worth it!

I love this of my very favorites.
This, too, is also a fav.

I started out with one idea and got this instead...which is way cooooool.
Good kissers...they must've practiced alot.
Another fragrance-ad-looking pic...WHOA MAMA!
I won't repeat the best man's confession...but it was HYSTERICAL. I looked around the room and saw a few other people holding up their pinkies too. hehehe
First dance.

Inside the tent.
Best dance move of the evening goes to Katie (Maid of Honor).

Night-time at Longview...that place always looks beautiful.
HOLY HECK, it's late and I'm so tired, but I really wanted to get something up as quick as possible for the newly weds who are off to Barbados in just a couple hours.
I had an amazing time today and was extremely honored to be a part of their very special day. It was an absolute dream wedding and I could tell everyone enjoyed themselves all day long. You can't get better than that! Congratulations, Jason & Kourtney, and relax & enjoy your honeymoon.

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Karen Koehn said...

I am posting a comment because I want to... I will skip the prize! ;) I thought these pictures were amazing. Everything about them (the location, the couple, the lighting) I just loved the picture of the wedding party running... it was a perfect action shot! Great job Christine. Your work is amazing everytime I see it. Can I get re-married at that location?