Monday, June 9, 2008

Like a Lion, I was on the prowl to capture some fantastic shots of Katie & Damon's big day... (ok, I know that's a cheesy intro...but it goes with the picture my "BB" took of me.) :)
Here's my "BB" now. And for all who don't know, my "BB" is actually my husband's code name for "Bag-Boy" (and the Fager-Grodidier families know what else). ;)
Johnny-Bravo sporting the Bling.
And this is Katie and all her gorgeousness! HOTTIE-ALERT!

Soooo...this was an extremely windy day and poor Katie had constant attacks from her veil. Doesn't she look like a present, all wrapped up?!
...and the veil attacked others as well.

This is Damon...which by the way is head-over-heels for Katie. Duh? Right?...but he was so genuine, I couldn't help but admire their love.

The Longford United Methodist Church was a sentimental choice as it was the church Damon grew up with AND it is in the tinest little country town...but despite the distance, there was a huge turn out.

Some more wind action.
Remember the rollie-pollie newborn I photographed back in February? Well take a look at Miss Abigail now! Totally pinchable still!

YESSSSS!!! Finally another brave couple to try out some cake-smashing!
This is Katie with her super-sexy-look...
...this is Damon with his super-sexy look. :)
This was an exquisite bouquet that had a beautiful rosary, made by Katie's grandfather.

Not a dry eye when Katie danced with her mother at the reception. I will remember it always.
ME & KATIE! I'm totally jealous of her. I started out with a solid, secure pony-tail hair-do, Katie had a fancy up-do...and even with all that wind her hair remained perfect. Mine...not so much. :)
Katie & Damon, you are both amazing characters and very much enjoyed being a part of your day. May my photography bring you many happy remembrances for years to come.
HAVE a TERRIFIC honeymoon!

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Anonymous said...

Katie's hair did last longer...but think about how many bobby pins she had to take out before going to only had a pony tail holder!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you got to photograph Katie's wedding! :o) I LOVE the new website layout too. Hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING A PART OF THIS SPECIAL DAY!!! You really put everyone at ease, even if you refused to join us in a little before ceremony drink!
Thanks again,
Liz (maid of honor)

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! I was the best man