Sunday, June 15, 2008

On the road again, and this week's destination wedding was in Marion, KS (a three hour car ride...ek!). A small town where the Bride has fond memories of childhood and sentimental value to the church where she took her vows. We didn't get a chance to photograph around town...but MAN did I want to! That little town had brick roads, awesome fire-escapes, narrow alleys, and lots of character.

I LOVE THESE Wedding flip-flops!

Sooooo...I've never been much for hunting or stuffed heads on walls, but if you're gonna have one, might as well keep it festive like this one.

Randi and Scott didn't see each other before the ceremony, but that didn't stop us front getting some shots of them together. :) I just had to keep the groom looking forward.

A little on the dangerous side...getting all these guys to balance on one leg standing on a narrow wall. Anything for the Captain, eh?


This is my little flower girl from the last wedding! She is too adorable!

Their reception was at the country club golf course in we thought we'd play a little.

Perfect Taste!
Thanks Randi & Scott for letting me have my way with you! And a special thanks for the delicious plate of food for the long ride home. I'm afraid I didn't get to eat it though. Right after I pulled away from the country club a deer darted out in front of me, I SLAMMED on the brakes, and my plate went flying across my passanger seat. :( Just my luck. Right at that moment I thought how nice it would have been to see that deer's head on a wall. Seriously, deer must have suicidal tendencies...they were all along the road (living and dead) all the way home. I was so afraid to blink that by the time I got home my eyes were stuck open. hehehe
Have fun in Chicago you two!

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Peter said...

This are amazing pictures!
My grandma lives in this town and i think she said you stayed at her house or at least took some pictures there.

What kind of camera do you use?
(i'm a photographer myself)

Click Photography Owner said...

Hey Peter...If you're Grandmother has a beautiful yellow house on a street corner, then that is the house I photographed the bride getting ready. Your grandparents are sweethearts!

I use Canon cameras & gear. I highly recommend Canon for their outstanding quality, user ease, durability, & wide selection of canon lenses.

Thanks for the compliments!

Amy said...

Holy crap honey, you probably have a million new clicks on your website waiting to see if the REST of the photos are up yet! I know you've been super busy but.... I too freakin excited! I NEED photos! Can't wait to see them and by the way, Katie's look AMAZING!

Amy said...

You read my mind! They look AWESOME!!!