Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Last Saturday, my Mother graduated with her first college degree...crazy her, she wants to go back for some more. :) She told me a few years back that she had three goals for herself...1) Buy a house 2) Go back to college 3) Learn how to fly an airplane. She's now crossed two of those things off that list... but I think she's since decided against the third goal after having a plane door flap open during flight. hehehe, I wish there'd been a camera to capture her facial reaction to that.
As usual, the ceremony to graduations can last a lot longer than a 3-year-old's we got creative on ways to entertain her. :)
My mom's fabulous husband was thoughtful enough to surprise her with a DQ ice-cream cake....which everyone was drooling over!
And since I'm her favorite (yeah, that's right sistas...ME!), I got her something extra special...shiny, pink lined photo snaptote purse...with two amazing models (my children).
I know....aaahhhhhhhh
And this is how my family likes to pose. Aren't we just the most beautiful group of women you ever did see?
Mom...congratulations! You deserve the very best and I'm so proud of you for making your dreams come true. You have the power to do anything you put your mind to....G, I wonder who taught me that? I love you. Signed, your FAVORITE

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