Sunday, May 4, 2008

My shy, quiet couple from the consultation turned out to be bursting with character. Oh my gosh, I had so much fun with this crowd...and why wouldn't I, they're Zoolander fans too!

These guys were so cool, they did everything I asked...even this.

This is Alex and his daughter...he treated her and his new wife like the Princess & Queen they are. Silly Princess

This was a special moment as Dorothy's father surprised her with an antique family watch, of great importance, now passed down to her.

There were tears....
The restrooms were my absolute favorite spot at Stony Point. This one was shot in the ladies restroom.

This one too.

We waited a while to clear out the Mens restroom...but I broke the rules and went in myself.
This one was cracking me up...not only because these guys are too cute, but there was a guy in the stall behind them that just couldn't wait for us to finish.
Another restroom shot.

Oh, and I walked in on the girls brushing their teeth a few minutes before the ceremony was set to start. A girl's gotta have fresh breath.

This was during the ceremony and since their union included the three of them, they included their daughter into the ceremony by giving her a symbol of their love.

This one cracks me up.

Long exposure captured all the mood lighting.
This is my first time shooting at Stony Point Hall and I LOVE IT! Not only is this place awesome for photography and completely stress-free for wedding planning, but I met the owners last night and they are great people. Good ownership goes a long way.
Alex and his daughter win "THE DANCE MOVE" of the evening.
Riding off in style.
Dorothy & Alex, congratulations & have fun in Mexico!

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