Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frickin' Sweet! That is what I have to say about Stacey, Josh, and their wedding day. This is why I love my job!

Here's Stacey's jewelry...which I thought was smiling at me. Probably smiling because the jewelry knew just how cool it was going to look in all the fabulous pictures.

This was a little humorous...the "Marriage" announcements right next to the "Divorce" announcements.

What's a wedding without a little drama? This mother of the Bride definitely put her hard work into the whole wedding process...she was sewing, serving, and cleaning all of the girls. Stacey and her front door had a little disagreement...the door oiled her dress pretty good. Mom, soap, and water to the rescue.

Some limo love!

Some traffic hate...

Some gangster style...

This was one of my favorite... gotta love the dark humor. Stacey is holding a murder weapon and Josh is laying in a chalk outline. Good stuff!

Checkout the groomsmen up awesome is that?!
I love ALL the pictures, but if I had to pick only one for a favorite...this has to be it. I will probably not ever have another group of 30's gangsters to photograph quite like this group. Aren't they super HOT!

Getting kickass shots takes a little physical effort...on everyones part.

Right after this shot, I stupidly dropped my camera and broke a lens (one of my favorites) I had to have my Hubby save the day and bring me a different one in time for the ceremony. It was an expensive klutz moment, least it was for a good cause. I strangely feel the need to put the broken lens in a shoe box and bury it out back...after all, we were very close friends.
Major Harp action goin on...

Done deal.

How cute are they!!!!
See Cindy...I told you I would get this one.

Hummm...well, this wedding has pretty much set the bar drastically high in regards to weddings with style. I feel extremely honored to have been "the chosen one" to record it. As I was uploading these pictures today, I though to myself...I bet my computer is saying yum, yum..thanks for feeding me some delicious photography.
Josh & Stacey...thank you,
from Christine & her cameras.

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Anonymous said...

IF these are a sneak preview of the rest of the pic's, I can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for sharing in our special day.

Stacey's MOM