Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sweetness...that is the one word to describe everything about Amanda, Vic, and their wedding day. This is the amazing couple I photographed this winter in 15degree weather and had the very cool snow pictures. Here they are, finally married! Wahoo!
Doesn't this dress hanging up just make you want to say "Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!"
Amanda is lovely in nature, but she looked like a hollywood diva with her fairtale hair and makeup! Vic's a lucky man!

Customized art made by the beautiful flower girl, Karli (Hope that's spelled right).
I walked into the Bride's dressing room right before the ceremony was set to start and see Amanda & Karli playing Barbies (Bride & Groom Barbies, no less) and immediately seeked out every inch of that big church looking for the rings. Found them just in time to snap a quickie of this and return them before time was up. How cool is this?!
They had a MAJOR turnout...packed the church!
Everyone enjoyed the photo-montage at the reception (which by the way, was at Loose of the most elegant places I've ever been to) especially...lots of our snow pics on there. :)

Even though it was a late reception, the DJ had the dance floor pumped full of some rockin' dancers. Though there were MANY characters on the floor, this Bridesmaid has won my "Best Dancer of the Night" award. She knows how to move!
Ok, so I have to mention a little personal story from this wedding...which I thought was hysterical. Loose Mansion always has security guards to canvas the property and ensure safety.
As I was leaving, the guard watched me to my car and I chatted with him while loading up my equipment. I asked if Loose Mansion had security guards because the neighborhood was dodgy...and he told me that when Loose Mansion first began hosting events, there were some cars vandalized. So, I casually said, "Oh, that's terrible. I recently had 20% dark window tint put onto my car for a little added security so that people couldn't peak in and see expensive camera equipment inside. I know it's illegal, but I'd rather get a ticket than risk my stuff stolen."
He agreed with a smile, as I noticed the shiny badge on his shirt that read "POLICE". My jaw dropped and I asked him if he was actually a police officer and not just a regular security guard. He laughed at me and said he, in deed, was an actual, law enforcing, police officer. Soooo, I just outwardly admitted to a cop of illegal doings...Smart, eh? He was very nice and said not to worry, he would let it slide.
Me and my big mouth. :)

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