Monday, April 7, 2008

This is how I spent the first part to my Saturday. UG!
My little sister, Amanda, and I are pretty efficient and strong women...thus we didn't think we needed any MAN-power to load her furniture. And we didn't...but she has this huge dresser that the drawers don't come out...and well, it kicked our asses. It took several minutes and several little breaks to get that hunk of junk from her bedroom, onto the truck. I was very pleased to see two buff guys ready and waiting went we arrived at Amanda's roommate's, Megan, house.
Her new apartment has some non-furniture-friendly stairs. It reminded us of that "Friends" episode where they are trying to move a big couch up several flights of stairs. "PIVOOOOOTT!"
New apartment renters, Megan & Amanda.
When it was time for me to leave, Amanda surprised me with a token of appreciation....A GIGANTIC wine glass that I had admired of hers. If I had beat my husband home that day, he would have found me laid out on the couch, remote in one hand and the mother-of-all-wine-glasses in the other. Life is grand.

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