Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sallee Photography (JB & DeEtte) are the ROCKSTARS of Photography...and I went and spent two whole days with them. I went there in search of some answers to my most difficult can I become a better artist (not just a photographer)? how can my workflow be more efficient without sacrificing my family & friends? how can I be a better business woman? what are the secrets of Photoshop?
They answered all my questions and more. They were extremely accommodating and generous to everyone. Truly the inspiration I needed to keep going and get some fresh new ideas that my clients are going to LOVE.
The first day was our photography day...they rented a bus, supplied an AWESOME newly-wed couple, and we went to several hot spots and shot like crazy. Unfortunately for me, with the new battery restrictions on flights...I only had one camera battery and didn't realize it was almost dead when I arrived for the day. So...I stayed in "reserve mode" for most of the day and just soaked in all the information.
Plus...I didn't have the massive long lenses that everyone else was as you can see how crowded it was...getting a shot without my fellow classmates blocking me proved to be a little difficult.

As much as I learned the first day...was just an appetizer to how much I learned the second day (Photoshop Day). I felt like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix when they uploaded Kung Fu into his brain. BURSTS of INFO!!!! I was grinning ear to ear pretty much ALL of the day.

These last two images are a couple album spreads that I put together using some of the few shots I did get and also using the album software Sallee Photography produced. I used to be completely against the idea of purchasing album layouts because I did want my albums to look like everyone else's and I didn't want to get limited on what I could do...but their amazing software is completely customizable. It just makes the process a little faster, adds several design touches, and leaves me feeling like I'm handing over a masterpiece to my client. And it is a masterpiece.

Despite some American Airline cancellation scares...and a small fear of flying...and low batteries...and Dallas having pretty cool weather (all I packed were summer shirts)...this trip was sooooooo worth it!!!! Sallee is coming to Kansas City for the in July...and I've already signed up. I'm addicted, what can I say. More Sallee Photography Please!

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