Sunday, April 13, 2008

I won't lie...I'm not fond of flying. BUT, it's better than spending a ton of hours driving through unfamiliar territory. So here I am...Dallas, TX. I'll be here for two nights, three days for a photography seminar to learn from some amazing artists in the photography business, Sallee Photography. Hopefully I'll learn some new tricks of the trade and have a relaxing photography vacation in the process. I'm excited too, because I have a big comfy KING size bed...ALL TO MYSELF (sorry honey).
Here's a picture of the fam at the airport to see me off. I know it's a quick trip, but I did have to hold back tears while blowing kisses to them through the glass. Home really is where the heart is.
FYI: I won't have access to my email (I know, what am I going to do?!!!) I will respond to any emails on Wednesday. Thanks everyone!

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