Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meet the Ladies In Red! These four sisters had me take their portraits today so they could give their parents some special "Mother's Day" & "Father's Day" gifts. Let me just say, they are characters...each and every one. Growing up in their house must given them a ton of memories.
They crack me up.
I brought some of my festive paper umbrellas for a little extra touch of color. I LOVE THOSE THINGS!
I told them to hide behind the umbrellas and give me some body language with their legs. OOOO, La La!

They all have such great sense of humors...I love their laughs.
I know these girls were a little disappointed we didn't take pictures inside the shuttle-cocks (hehehe, that was for you Debbie)...but we got some great shots that their parents will love.
Paper, Rock, or are all winner, winner chicken dinners to me. :)

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