Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Can anyone tell what this is? I bet there are several experienced mothers of daughters out there that know....
Here's a clue.
If you guessed it, then I'm sure you know my pain. Today my neighbor came over to give me some advice on our basement finishing project. I spent quite a while downstairs talking and made my daughter stayed upstairs (unattended) because I didn't want her to step on any nails or whatnot.... I was just saying thanks and goodbye to my neighbor when Niki comes trotting outside very proud of herself. At first glance, I thought she had her hair pulled back. Nope. Couldn't be that lucky. I did a rubber-necking double take...and realized that she had given herself a mullet. I think I turned purple before I realized I had stopped breathing.
We had been growing her hair out since cutting it a bit too short for a pony-tail last year...and it had finally reached the point I could even braid it. My efforts were wasted this morning by (what she told me) her wanting "to look like Tate" (her big brother). A bit ironic I son wants to grow his hair out long and my daughter wants a boy-cut style.
Thank GOD for my sister, the master hair-stylist! After calling in the emergency appointment, we jumped in the car and raced to her salon. But...the damage was great and she wasn't sure how well she could fix it.

This is EXACTLY what my son looked like at 3-yrs-old.

Here's the before & after mugs.

My lil beast is a beauty to me no matter what....but it was a little scary at the salon. We put her uneven bangs in little pig-tales while they were a bit wet and the VERY FIRST thing that came to mind was "She looks like a wet chihuahua". Oh well...Yo Quiero Niki!

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