Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ok, today however warm it was....was way toooo windy. My gosh! I thought this was an appropriate blooper of Natalynn & her hair tackling the extreme gusts of wind.
Natalynn's parents might say she runs the show, and I would have to agree...but mostly she just plain RUNS. That girl is going to be an Olympic track runner someday, guaranteed!

"Property of Judy" (AKA: Don), told me this was a rare wood duck. I know absolutely nada about ducks and when he first told me there was a wood duck in the pond, I thought "Well that's silly. Why would they put a fake wooden duck in this pond when there are already a ton of real ones?" knowing what a wood duck is, here's a picture of it.

I love the little town setup they have at this park.

Lacy & Tyler...thanks for not giving up on our session today. Three parks, a little extra driving, scrapped knees, and tornado winds...we still got some awesome pictures. Thank you!

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