Monday, March 3, 2008

Travis and I have been friends since I was 12 years old. He was the brother type that was always there for me...and would occasionally use a rope to hang me by my feet from a tree. :) A few years ago he met & married the perfect girl, Holly, and has since started a beautiful family. I haven't seen Dylan in almost a year and he has just become the cutest tike! Holly is just a couple weeks away from giving Dylan a little sister. Let's just keep the rope hidden in the future.
This is Holly's attempt to keep a straight face while trying to fulfill my ridiculous requests for posing. Holly's got an infectious laugh...we didn't get too many serious pictures. :)

I love this picture, although...I must say, Holly appears to have a fake belly. No pregnant belly looks that perfect, especially the second time around. That girl doesn't have one stretch mark. And to think when she was pregnant with Dylan, I had to do some major coxing for her to let me photograph her bare belly.
This was my second photo session today, each carrying their own set of obstacles. I opened my door to find them soaked by rain and Travis injured.
My home is...what's a nice way to put this...Unique. My concrete steps leading to my front door must have been constructed by someone either inexperienced or very intoxicated. With the down pour, Travis ran carrying Dylan to the house and didn't see that one of our steps is about twice the height as the other steps. In an effort to save Dylan, he sacrificed himself. :) He walked into my house with a large hole in his nice jeans and blood trickling down his leg. Hey! Anything for a picture, right!
Holly is two weeks away from her due date and as they were leaving, she thinks she had a contraction. So, I might be sharing some more newborn pictures very soon!

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