Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jana and guys ROCK! You are the ideal couple and photographing you was fantastico! Trent...I know you liked it, too. I think Jana lost her lipstick shortly after starting our session. :)
This was our practice round for dipping on the wedding day.
Ok, I posed them and stepped back to my spot to take the picture and thought to myself...Trent looks like THE BOSS and Jana looks like the seductive secretary. Maybe she caught his eye with "The Bend & Snap". (Ok guys...which movie was that from?)

This was Jana lookin' sassy. Purrrr... EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! I know, that was cheesy. :)

SEE JANA!!!! I TOLD you he was checkin' you out.

I'm gonna try to take the people out in the background later, but I really like this shot. It was worth the scary on-coming car. Eeek!

Narrowing down some pictures for the blog was really tough this time. I am a fanatic about BLOOPERS...otherwise known to me as people having a kickass sense of humor. I think it should be a requirement to include the bloopers when you purchase a DVD. Anyway, they had soooooo many funny pictures, as well as some amazing made it hard to pick out which ones to show off first. I can't wait to work on them ALL. This was a really good day. Thanks Jana & Trent.

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