Sunday, March 23, 2008

What better way to end an awesome work day than to sit back and watch some good entertainment with the kiddos. After I got home from being at the plaza, Niki threw on her Snow White dress and we hurried to the show. It was my first time being out at the Sprint Center and I was in awe of how cool the Power & Light district is out there. If you haven't been...I highly recommend checking it out.
By the way, all these pictures were taken with my compact camera...thus the downgrade in quality.

My Mimi and son, Tate, came along for the show too. Check out the blue-lit trees behind them. I'm amazed by the little details.
So the show is over, we are walking to the car, and I say to Niki..."Weren't those princesses beautiful and they danced so pretty?" And she says, "Yeah...but you didn't buy me cotton candy." JEEZZZ. I don't remember my generation being so difficult to please. What gives?

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