Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Playful" is the word that comes to mind to best describe this wedding. This is John (on left/AKA:Groom), Scott (middle), and James (right)...and what a more appropriate room for the groomsmen than the nursery. It's all fun and games until a groomsmen gets stuck in a tunnel. :)

Take notice of the small white dot in the middle of this picture. That is a snowball...launched by the groom at his father. Isn't that nice.
They really filled up the joint.
Attack of the Bridesmaids!!!
My mom's a big fan of MerryMooMoos...she's gonna love this topper.
There just aren't enough weddings that do this anymore. I live for the cake-smashing!
Beautiful Bouquet Bling.

WOW! I don't know if it was some kind of super-bubble-formula
or professional bubble-blowers...because this was amazing!
John really was snowball happy. Poor Girl. Krista became his next victim.
This was the perfect wedding to start off my Spring wedding season. The whole day was so much fun and the characters were definitely entertaining. Thank you John & Krista. More fun to come!

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