Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It was overdue...finally got a chance to go have another lunch-n-shoot. This time the location was Westport and I had some extra company. With me at the Westport Photographer's playground was Sarah Rimel, Christina Sandberg, and Anneka Clock. After a delicious lunch at McCoy's, we ventured out and about to play for a bit. I can't tell you how refreshing and needed it is to get out once and a while and shoot without an agenda. No pressure, no expectations...just a camera and your eye. Glorious!
I went through phases at the computer. The first grouping was just natural images. Basically, how I saw it.

This second set was a mixture of black n whites and vivid color. A little bit raw and grunge to emphasis the liveliness.


This last set was a little contrast meets vintage. Kinda how I felt at the moment.
I had a really gooooood time and can't wait till the next one. It was just what I needed.

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