Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday I was originally supposed to go up flying with my Stepdad, Jeff, and try out my hand at aerial photography...but it was gloomy out. So we sort of spontaneously made up for it yesterday afternoon...and I brought along the hubby & kiddos. Of course, being as Matt and Jeff are both over 6 feet, that put me in the back seat...crammed with both kids. Hummm...didn't think that one out too well. It was fun despite the absence of space. I got some pretty cool shots, I got to freak out Matt (in denial that he fears heights), and make the kids motion sick. haha :)

Flying High from Christine May on Vimeo.








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Sarah Rimel said...

That is so TOTALLY AWESOME! Very jealous. Though I would have had an issue with my claustrophobia. I LOVE that video!

Charis said...

That video was so cool! Your poor kids! I can totally sympatize with the motion sickness. The pics are really amazing as well. Love the one of the flight instruments!