Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This weekend was packed with fun and excitement as two of our friends got hitched. A while back, Ashley and Kyle had asked if Niki could be the flower girl....to which I bit my lip and said yes. Wasn't sure how my 5-yr-old-super-duper-hyper child would act...afraid to be known as the parent of THAT kid. ...but at the rehearsal, all went well. She presented herself as quite the little professional flower girl. I'm thinking I should start adding her services to my business. haha

Anyway, here's some fun shots from the rehearsal dinner. These first ones are of Kyle and his newest baby. It's not a Canon, but it's super cool (did I just say that?). The camera itself is waterproof. Neat.

So...after a while...Niki started getting a little crazy...as demonstrated in this pic. I played the "emergency" card and do what I always do to help keep her focused and productive....I give her my point-n-shoot. It's become less of a camera to me, and more of a toy to her. Whatever keeps her busy...
Check out her nails...I did that. :)
...ok, the camera calms her a little, but she's still crazy. Here is her attacking Kyle's sister. Notice how close she likes to snap people.
Here's a few of Niki's shots.



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Sarah Rimel said...

I enjoy Niki's perspective and unique style...I dare say she has a future as a photographer! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fun bunch!