Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My gosh I am so behind on Blogging. Here's some awesome memories that I'd rather blog late than not at all.

So, I have to explain these first few a bit. Matt and I went to pick up the kiddos from my grandma's house (aka: Chaotic Circus of Kids) and found them, with their cousins, in the backyard...in their "hottub". Yeah. That's right. The trash container. Apparently, they weren't satisfied with 3 hours of swimming at the public pool. They felt compelled to fill up the trash can and soak some more. At least my grandma had insisted it was cleaned out first. Crazy backyard gang.


I love this one. This is exactly how I feel after a long day entertaining the kids.

Just like a cardboard box will provide more entertainment to a kid than any store bought toy, this gang never ceases to surprise me with their entertainment.

And then the next day, my sweet hubby turned a quarter of a century old. Don't let his age fool you...he's an old man at heart. haha

BTW, I made that delicious gigantic cupcake. I know...major "cool-Wife" points.

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Christina Sandberg said...

Okay, I just gained 5lbs drooling over this cake :)