Monday, June 8, 2009

So, Saturday I looked at the forecast for Sunday and it said 93 degrees. OUCH! But by noon Sunday, it actually felt quite nice. I leave my home and set out to my 2p session with Nate & Kirsten, and it still seemed very comfortable. But of course, almost immediately into our session, the sun kicked it up a few notches and started to melt us. Amazingly enough, I kept viewing the LCD on the back of my camera only to see a flawless Kirsten. "How is this possible?", I asked myself...and eventually asked her what the secret was. Sephora brand of photographic makeup. I look to Matt immediately and remind him my birthday is coming up. *wink, wink*

How CUTE is this?! Their idea, even. I love when the creativity flows from everywhere.

This is a total blooper, but I kept coming back to it while picking out blog picks. I love the humor.
That's right...Kirsten is BUFF! You go, girl!
I was looking at the alley and knew I wanted some casual picture of them just walking, and when I explained it to Nate, he told me he liked the look of one of the Bob Dylan CD covers. I've never seen the cover myself, but I gave it a go. I just compared this shot to the cover shown on google images...not bad. Although, I had to say Nate is much, much better looking. :)


When I first met these two, I asked them about ideas for a "signature shot" and asked them about things they felt strongly about. First thing that popped to mind was that they both feel strongly about being environmentally friendly. PERFECT! I told them to bring their recycling tub. Then, when I was playing around with colors, I stumbled upon this super neat look and had to keep it. I've never gone bold blue like this but I absolutely love it.

Ummm....the eyes! Wow!
Haven't done a silhouette shot in a while, and they have had not only excellent profiles, but a perfect sky behind them.

Nate and Kirsten were complete pros in front of the camera, so I am sooooo excited for their wedding in the fall.

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Sarah Rimel said...

I love the shot of Kirsten staring down the camera w/ Nate's profile...awesome!